Scientist Dies During Death Ray Investigation

At most, the sudden death of a rocket scientist and environmental entrepreneur might have attracted the notice of some in the professional community, but in the case of Dr. Fred Bell, it was the seemingly final act on the stage of a media-driven conspiracy investigation.

The media aspect was a Discovery Channel series, “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura,” former governor of Minnesota and proponent of the theory that the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center towers was literally an inside job. Now he wonders if the cause was a so-called Death Ray as a result of an investigation begun by Bell.

Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1943, Bell lived in East Long Beach, steps south of Heartwell Park in the late 60s and early 70s. It was there where he married, had a daughter and involved himself in early new age experiments with what he called pyramid power.

Over the years, Bell created pyramid headgear, the benefits of which he continued to champion for decades through his website and which he also sold commercially. Bell was also involved in aviation and on at least one occasion, was recalled as suffering from the effects of vertigo after one flight.

He described himself as a descendant of Alexander Graham Bell and evidenced a knack for invention. At the end of his marriage, Dr. Bell moved from Long Beach to Laurel Canyon, an area certainly more conducive to his new age proclivities, then to Laguna Beach.

Dr. Bell was portrayed on “Conspiracy Theory” as the first source and likely the impetus of the episode about the Death Ray, first attributed to Nikola Tesla, who according to Bell began the project in 1900.

A narrative in the program alleged “evidence a government faction stole the Death Ray weapon and used it to develop a powerful device and may have used it to take down the World Trade tower.”
In an opening scene, Ventura spoke with Bell, who was identified as a NASA rocket scientist, who “helped develop that ray.”

In their conversation, Bell stated such a ray “completely destroys matter. It becomes anti-matter. A whole city could go.” But Bell added in a bursting style of speech, “you could create a protection around a city,” which Ventura compared to Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars anti-missile system, an early template for the Iron Dome currently in use as an anti-missile system by the Israel military.
Ventura noted to Bell, “people get killed giving up this type of information.” He then asked, “aren’t you in fear for your life?” Bell didn’t appear concerned about any danger. “Sometimes they seek favors from me. Sometimes something is necessary and I’ll go help with it.”

In advancing the conspiracy aspect of the program, Ventura stated, the ray “stops the heart. The coroner calls it natural causes.” Later in the program, Ventura stated that most of the scientists who worked with the Death Ray had died, some of which were attributed to those same natural causes. Clearly those comments were placed to set up the ending of the program.

According to Bell’s younger daughter, Megan, “I know that when he was in the Air Force he was working on a government project called project ‘Bluebird’ and also that he would write up his experiences with UFO’s and the government would shred it all. After the Air Force he continued to work for the government as a civilian.”

Toward the end of the mid-November TruTV “Conspiracy Theory” episode, Ventura stated “two days after I met him, I got the phone call.” Dr. Fred Bell “dropped dead” in his Minneapolis hotel room on Sept. 25, 2011. According to Megan Bell, his death was attributed to “heart cardiomegaly with four chamber dilation, heart and artery disease, and obesity.”

The final ten minutes of the program were devoted to this development, with Ventura asserting, “the coroner said ‘natural causes.’” Ventura described the death as something “that shakes me to the core. Dr. Fred Bell dying two days after our interview was one of those moments. It seems people involved with Death Ray technology wind up dead.”

In an emailed statement, Megan stated “Dr. Fred Bell, a practicing naturopath, scientist, environmentalist, inventor, performing world-class musician, internationally known speaker and founder of Pyradyne, has been changing the world since 1975. Dr. Bell spent his lifetime creating technologies that not only help people become more aware of the world around them, but also heal and stop the effects of such toxins as radiation, stress, exposure to ELF and EMF frequencies and many other toxic environmental chemicals affecting your body every day.”

Megan Bell further stated, “Dr. Fred Bell devoted his life to helping others, and now Megan will do the same. Pyradyne is currently working on the next generation of health supplements and vitamins.”

About her father’s death, Megan Bell concluded, “It was extremely heartbreaking and sad to deal with at that time, and it is still ongoing.”